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October 2019 Site visits and procurement update

Building 1 at Ringmer Depot
Building 1 at Ringmer Depot (East Sussex Highways) during site visit carried out by Costain, TerOpta and UWE – July 2019
  • Project partners completed the visits to the five demonstration sites selected for the deployment of i-REAP technology (Vanwall Business Park, Tingley Depot, Ringmer Depot, Birmingham Business Park and Manchester office – Aviator Way). These visits consisted in a meeting with local facilities management and networks staff, where the key components, requirements and deployment phases were discussed. Additionally, these meetings were followed by an escorted visit to the facilities, where the location for the installation of key equipment and sensors was agreed. The completion of the site visits also provided more accurate information about the number of different equipment/devices needed for each demo site and for the whole project. Costain and TerOpta carried out the procurement of these components (external sensors, NUCs – local database, routers, cables, voltage supply units, etc.), which were distributed to the suitable locations.